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Using mostly precious stones, Blue Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls and Diamonds, the Black Star Jewellery designs are classical and timeless in their style, and pleasing in their simplicity. Good taste is the aim, with a very reasonable price tag.

To sum up, this is very much a ‘bespoke jewellery’ or ‘jewellery by commission’ site that will allow you to buy a unique piece of good quality jewellery at a very reasonable price.

When you buy jewellery from Black Star Jewellery, you will be paying only 25% to 50% of the cost for a similar piece in the US or EU. This is because our overhead structure is kept very low, and we have access to the finest wholesale gems suppliers in the world, here in Bangkok. The quality of stone that we will ship to you will nearly always exceed the quality of those you can find in the US or EU at the same price.
We generally use an above average weight of gold in our designs, so the pieces feel solid and have a reassuring ‘presence’ on your person.

The pieces are crafted locally by goldsmiths whose skills at working gold go back many hundreds of years, and indeed they still work in the traditional fashion using the traditional tools.

Black Star Jewellery uses 18k (75%) gold throughout our entire range for reasons of durability. The exception is the occasional 24k hook of soft gold to connect the back of a necklace, or other items where 24k is stated.
The diamonds we use are all VSI (means very slightly included, or clear under x10 magnification) quality or better.
Black Star Jewellery is a business where enthusiasm and pleasure in creation are a driving force. To create a unique piece for a customer, either for a special occasion or a spontaneous gift which will be cherished, always gives us great pleasure.
Our designer uses his skill in selecting the best stones from among the thousands that he regularly sees and the main things he looks for in a gemstone are Cut, Clarity and Colour. There is also a very special quality to some stones which we can call ‘sparkle’, ‘fire’, ‘life’ or ‘brilliance’ that other stones do not have.
If a gemstone has this extra quality, it is then good enough for Black Star to buy.

Look in the ‘Information about gemstones’ section of this site if you would like to know more about the Cut, Clarity and Colour of precious stones.

Having purchased stones with good ‘brilliance’, there follows a period of careful consideration, as to the best way of presenting the stones. Once a decision has been made, the process of designing a new piece has to start with pencil and paper. The designer will get his design ideas from many places and will often combine a number of different ideas to produce something rather special.
Our designer will also be happy to take on board your requests for a design, and make a piece of jewellery to your specification.
A range of photos of some of the jewellery items that we have designed and sold is on display on this website.
If you choose to buy an item from our stock, please use the ‘Order form’ button and follow the instructions revealed by the ‘Payments’ button.
We will receive your order, and once the money has cleared, the item will be despatched to you by carrier. We currently use either Fedex, DHL or an equally reliable carrier to guarantee the delivery. The progress of a delivery can be tracked using this service on their websites. We will advise you of the service used.

Black Star Jewellery is happy to guarantee that, if the goods are not found to be as advertised, on return of the goods in their original condition, within 30 days of the despatch date, we will refund your money.


Postage and packaging are extra, the amount as advised on the payment form, and if your government levies duty or tax, this must be paid by the purchaser at the delivery address.

For rings in stock, the size will be altered free of charge by one American size up or down. This alteration will be carried out by us before despatch if requested. Adjustments beyond two sizes may require some minor restructuring of the ring, especially if there are stones on the shoulders. If it is necessary to make a small extra charge for a structural change, we will advise you. Please make sure you tell us the finger size!
Further minor adjustments to ring size after you have received the ring should be undertaken locally at the cost of the purchaser.
Black Star Jewellery has built up an international clientele who are enthusiastic collectors of our work, for gifts or just for the pleasure of owning such nice pieces.
If you wish to make a statement to a person you love, what better way than to give them a unique, personally designed jewellery item?

This will be a treasure for them to keep for life and hand down with pride to children when they grow up.
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